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Dr. Emily Bullock PsyD

Speaker & Discussion Facilitator

The Business Side of Implementing
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy in
Your Clinic.

Image by Greg Rakozy
Emily Bullock Utah Psychedelic Conference 2024

Have you been trained in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (Kap) but aren't sure how to implement it in your practice from a business perspective?

Dr. Emily Bullock, United States Airforce Veteran, complex-trauma clinician, and founder of Great Salt Lake Wellness will be leading a discussion on this topic at Utah's Psychedelic Conference.

Dr. Bullock's successful KAP clinic has expanded to three locations across the Wasatch Front and St. George while offering quality and affordable care. With her busy schedule, time to discuss KAP business with her is an invaluable resource for your practice.

Emily is passionate about assisting individuals through the change process, to help them better understand the problems and difficulties of their unique condition, while holistically approaching their wellness through goals and treatment plans.


It is Emily's mission to affirm individual differences, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic background, and unique cultural experiences.


As a mother and a proud United States Air Force Veteran, she has a special affinity for the health and wellness of our Nation’s military families, many of whom are struggling to receive the mental health treatment they need post-service. 

If you are a veteran or work primarily with veterans. Use discount code VA2024 for $10 off your conference ticket.

Image by Mike Fox
Emily Bullock Utah Psychedelic Conference Psychedelic Society of Utah
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