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At the Psychedelic Society of Utah, our mission is to support a new era of wellness. We are committed to breaking down financial barriers, fostering education, and advocating for safe, ethical, legal, joyful, and accessible psychedelic - assisted wellness.



The landscape of psychedelics is built on a vast and diverse community. This sense of community is interwoven into psychedelic experiences, amplifying the need that we have to connect with each other.


If the future of psychedelics is not built for and celebratory of every human, we will have failed to capture one of the fundamental purposes of these medicines.

The Psychedelic Society of Utah commits to inclusivity and diversity by design, striving consistently to listen to and incorporate the needs and perspectives of our community.


Physical, mental, and spiritual safety are foundational for psychedelic - assisted wellness. Without these cornerstones, we risk harming ourselves and each other. 

Through legislation, ethical standards, and education, the Psychedelic Society of Utah commits to increasing safety in our psychedelic landscape.


The data from scientific research, the experience of professionals, and the wisdom of indigenous practices are equally important to experience the full potency that psychedelics have to offer to individuals and communities. 

The Psychedelic Society of Utah is committed to ongoing multidisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration.

The Team

Andrea Web Headshot PSU.png

Andrea Hanson M.Ed

Founder/State-Wide Change Manager

With experience as a change manager, MAPS trained Mental Health Therapist and Complex Trauma Specialist, Andrea brings experience and passion to the Psychedelic Society of Utah mission. She has seen firsthand with many clients the incredible impact of psychedelic-assisted therapy and is committed to expanding access to ethical, effective healing.

Traci Web Headshot PSU.png

Traci Mortrud R.N.

Community Liason and Experience Curation

Traci is passionate about ethics, safety, and whimsy in psychedelics. Traci brings over a decade of experience with psychedelics to our team.

With her profound personal and scientific understanding of the impact of psychedelic medicines and her talent for creativity, Traci is a powerful force for our community. 

Join us at our annual conference on March 6 2024

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