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Anew Clinical Team

Discussion Facilitator

Optimizing Relief from Anxiety and Depression through Curated Ketamine Experiences.

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Tia Johnson Ketamine Assisted Therapy Psychedelic Conference Utah

Tia Johnson, NP-C
Tia is the Lead Provider of Anew Therapy with a primary care background, deeply committed to advancing mental health care.


Having witnessed the profound impact of ketamine therapy firsthand, Tia is passionate about fostering collaborations with fellow providers and LMHP.


Tia is also in the process of completing her KAP certification to further her ability to deliver holistic care that encompasses both physical and psychological well-being.

Tia, along with other top practitioners at Anew will be co-facilitating a discussion at the annual psychedelic conference on March 6.

Nathan T. Gilmore, MD
Dr. Gilmore is Anew Therapy's Chief Medical Director with a background in critical care, driven by a profound commitment to bridging the gap between mental and physical health.


With extensive experience in critical care medicine, he brings a unique perspective to the intersection of these two realms.


Motivated by the understanding that mental health profoundly influences physical well-being, Dr. Gilmore is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in this vital area of healthcare.

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Carolynn Redd-Recksiek, LMFT
Carolynn is one of Anew Therapy's LMHP partners who provides therapy & integration services before, during and after ketamine treatments.


Carolynn is a doctoral candidate in Community Counseling with a focus on Traumatology. Carolynn uses a unique combination of trauma-focused practices and attachment theory to help individuals and couples heal from CPTSD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.


Her focus on trauma prevention and treatment has led to her exploring how to create more comprehensive, collaborative, and integrative care for her clients. 

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