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Sarah Collette

Discussion Facilitator

The Intersection of Caregiver & Community Care

Image by Courtney Smith

There is a delicate balance to be struck as a caregiver of any kind. Psychedelic facilitators are no exception.

The fulfillment of being with someone through the depths of their pain, into the light beneath it is incredibly beautiful.

At the same time, it is heavy.

As caregivers we talk about self-care all the time, but what does it look like to truly find a sweet spot where caring for ourselves and caring for the community intersect symbiotically?

Sarah Collette, Vital trained facilitator, will be leading a group discussion on this complicated and meaningful topic at the Annual Psychedelic Conference.

With both a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Chemistry, Sarah has found the balance between seemingly opposing worlds in many parts of her life.

She has spent countless hours studying plant medicines and their interactions within the human body and psyche and sitting with over 100 clients as they explore altered states of consciousness.

We are grateful to Sarah for sharing the wisdom she has gained on March 6.

Image by Joshua Gresham
Sarah Collette.png
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