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Andrea Hanson LCMHC


Creating the Future of Psychedelics
in UtahTogether

Image by Danny Burke
Andrea Hanson Change Manager Speaker Consultant Psychedelic Society of Utah

We are not only on the precipice of a new age, we are the stewards.

Psychedelics can be a catalyst to phenomenal healing, however, like any catalyst, they also present the potential to do great harm.

The future that healers hope to create with psychedelics is only possible if we act in congruence with that future every step of the way.

By building bridges in place of silos, letting our humanity lead our conversations instead of our egos, and working together to find solutions, we can do our part in amplifying and honoring psychedelic therapies.

As a licensed therapist, EMDR,  and Trauma Research Institute-certified complex trauma specialist with a passion for finding the most effective treatments, Andrea's career path took her naturally toward psychedelic-assisted healing. 

After completing training through MAPS and PRATI and seeing the incredible results from blending trauma healing techniques with psychedelics, Andrea was thrilled with the future possibilities of these treatments.


At the same time, Andrea began hearing stories of predatory and unethical uses of psychedelics in settings that were advertised as healing spaces. Simultaneously she grew concerned that the profound healing psychedelics could offer would be limited to the wealthy and well-connected.

She also found that most practitioners and facilitators cared deeply for the work and their clients and were doing their best.


As a solution, she founded the Psychedelic Society of Utah to create a space for practitioners to collaborate, hold space, and hold each other accountable to a higher level of care while advocating for legal and accessible psychedelic care in Utah. 

In her spare time, Andrea enjoys co-parenting Brick (pictured).

Image by Brent Pace
Andrea Hanson Psychedelic Society of Utah Psychedelic Conference Speaker Change Consultant
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