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What change are you most passionate about seeing in the Utah psychedelic community?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is the question posed at the last Psychedelic Society of Utah gathering. The priorities brought up by the diverse group of professionals, psychonauts, enthusiasts, and arm candy (their words, not mine) were:


When we look at the future of psychedelics those of us who have personal or professional experience or have even heard stories about how life-changing therapeutic psychedelic journeys can be start to imagine how different the world could be if everyone had access to these experiences. In order for this to be a reality, accessibility has to be a main focus.

Psychedelic Society of Utah

By expanding the number of locations that provide safe, professional services and collecting money through donations and grants to support clinics in providing care to those who can’t afford full rates.

The Psychedelic Society of Utah will be adding a directory of professionals who offer psychedelic-assisted care and or preparation and integration care to our website. This will aid in access to vetted care.

Applications to be on the directory will be sent through email when they are available.

Donate or inquire about sponsorship opportunities here.

Safety and Ethics

While we’d love to believe that the psychedelic community is all love and light, the unfortunate reality is that intentional and unintentional unsafe and unethical behavior exists in our community.

The Psychedelic Society of Utah is currently forming an ethics board to both draw up ethics for psychedelic facilitation in Utah and to create a streamlined system for reporting and addressing concerns in the community.

Break Down Stigma

Stigma blocks progress every step of the way. It creates the fear and confusion that hold us back from having change-making conversations and sabotages lobbying.

Even the simple act of showing up to events, or sharing these emails or educational materials helps in breaking down stigma.

In the Psychedelic Society of Utah’s podcast we have open, public conversations about psychedelic experiences and other psychedelic-related topics to help break down stigma.


There is so much history in the use of psychedelics. They have been used by a wide variety of cultures for many centuries. As part of colonization, most of us have been cut off from these sacred practices for several generations. Being cut off from the wisdom of these practices has led to a lack of education about safe and effective use.

While all psychedelic journeys have the potential to be incredible experiences, without education there are many risks as well.

There are many routes to receive various levels of education and training.

The Psychedelic Society of Utah may offer training in the future, however, for now, we would like to highlight available training options.

Please send us the training you have been to. If you provide training or education and would like to write an article and/or email, or host an educational event for the Psychedelic Society of Utah, contact us.


Data is important. There are a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings about the pedestal Western research is placed despite…all kinds of factors we could discuss animatedly for hours, the reality we live in currently is one where data collected in a specific way by specific people is king.

There are several organizations working towards collecting data. In Utah, Numinus (Cedar Psychiatry) is conducting various clinical trials related to psychedelic-assisted care, and Singluarism is working towards attaining a research grant from local universities. If you are aware of more Utah locations conducting research, please connect them with us!

Big Ripple Effects

Could you imagine how much change could happen at lightning speed if people in positions of power experienced facilitated psychedelic journeys?

Too often, people in power are viewed as an enemy or less in need of healing when, in reality, those with power are just like us. They need love, community, and healing as much as we need do and we all need the change we can create together.

Let’s work together to build bridges into our community.


What is the point of any of this if there’s no magic? The discussion around the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of psychedelics can make it all sound very serious, and in some ways it is, however, play, joy, laughter, goofiness, and magic are not only integral parts of healing but arguably the most important key to an optimal human experience both individually and culturally that most often gets ignored.

We want whimsy, we want to play. We hope you join us!

Thank you to all those who participated in this discussion about the future of psychedelics in Utah!

If you have something you think should be added to this list, or have ideas about how we can go about making these priorities a reality, please contact us and come to future events!


Written by: Andrea Hanson M.Ed LCMHC

Andrea, founder and co-director of the Psychedelic Society of Utah

is a MAPS certified complex-trauma specialist with a passion for psychedelic-assisted individual and community wellness. Visit to learn more about Andrea.



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