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Utah's 2024 Psychedelic Medicine Law: A Breakthrough in Behavioral Healthcare

Utah psychedelic medicine law,  the legal status of psychedelics in Utah:

Utah has taken a significant step forward in the realm of behavioral healthcare with the passage of the Psychedelic Medicine bill, SB266 on March 2, 2024. This groundbreaking legislation opens the door for healthcare systems to explore the therapeutic potential of psychedelics under stringent regulatory oversight. Let's delve deeper into what this bill means for the legal status of psychedelics in Utah.

Understanding The New Law:

Utah’s new Psychedelic Medicine law defines the framework within which healthcare systems can develop behavioral health treatment programs incorporating substances like psilocybin and MDMA. Crucially, these substances must be undergoing Phase 3 testing by the FDA for investigational drugs. This requirement ensures that only compounds with a solid foundation of scientific and medical research can be utilized.

Key Provisions:

Supervision and Control: The law mandates that psychedelic treatments can only be administered under the direct supervision and control of licensed healthcare providers within the healthcare system. This ensures that patients receive these treatments in a safe and controlled environment.

Patient Age Requirement: 

Individuals receiving psychedelic treatments must be at least 18 years old, emphasizing the need for maturity and informed consent in undergoing such therapies.

Reporting Requirements: 

Healthcare systems developing psychedelic treatment programs are required to provide detailed reports to the Health and Human Services Interim Committee. These reports include information on the drugs used, patient health outcomes, observed side effects, and any other data relevant to evaluating the medicinal value of these substances.

Legal Protection:

The law offers legal protection to individuals or entities complying with its provisions regarding the use, distribution, possession, administration, or supervision of psychedelic drugs. This provision ensures that those involved in administering these treatments can do so without fear of legal repercussions, provided they adhere to the stipulated guidelines.

Impact on Psychedelic Research:

By providing a legal framework for the therapeutic use of psychedelics, this new law has the potential to catalyze further research in this field. Healthcare systems can now explore innovative treatment options for mental health conditions, paving the way for advancements in psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Utah's Psychedelic Medicine law represents a significant milestone in the integration of psychedelic treatments into mainstream healthcare. By establishing clear guidelines and regulatory oversight, the bill strikes a balance between innovation and safety in the field of behavioral healthcare. As research into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics continues to evolve, the passage of SB266 sets the stage for transformative advancements in mental health treatment in Utah and beyond.

Desiree Hennessy, Executive Desiree Hennessy, Executive Director of Utah Patient Coalition, Legal Status of Psychedelic Medicine in UtahDirector of Utah Patient Coalition,
Desiree Hennessy, Executive Director of Utah Patient Coali

Want to Learn More?

Join us at the Annual Utah Psychedelic Conference on March 6, 2024 where the Executive Director of Utah Patients Coalition will be answering questions about the Utah Psychedelic Medicine Law and the legal status of psychedelics in Utah.


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