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The Right to Try


HR 8440

Psilocybin has been shown through scientific medical research to relieve anxiety and depression in dying patients, yet as a Schedule 1 drug, it is not legally available.


Right to Try (RTT) laws allow terminally ill patients to access medicines like psilocybin that are still in the investigational stage of FDA approval.

While SSRIs dampen emotional depth by reducing the responsiveness of the brain’s stress circuitry, helping to take the edge off depressive symptoms, psilocybin seems to liberate thought and feeling. It does this by “dysregulating” the most evolutionarily developed aspect of our brain, the neocortex. When this liberation occurs alongside professional psychological support, the most common outcome is a renewed breadth of perspective.”

- Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD

So far, bipartisan representatives from 8 states are supporting RTT. None of these representatives are from Utah.


The Psychedelic Society of Utah will send your signed petition to our Utah House and Senate representatives.

Learn more about RTT in this Psychedelic's Today interview with Kathryn Tucker, JD who has acted as lead counsel in three landmark federal cases around constitutional rights and dying in her 35 years of professional experience advocating for the rights of terminally ill patients 

Read a scientific review about Psilocybin in Palliative Care. 

More information about the Right to Try Act including ways to donate to advocacy efforts can be found here

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