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Pete Conder LCMHC

Speaker & Discussion Facilitator
A Veteran's Journey through Trauma and Healing

Image by John Fowler

Trauma influences every aspect of our lives. After years and years of various treatments, it can all begin to feel hopeless.

As a combat veteran and trauma therapist, Peter Conder LCMHC, CCTP has both personal and professional experience with trauma recovery.

At the Psychedelic Conference on March 6, Pete will share the insights he has gained along his journey about the power of therapeutic trauma healing techniques like EMDR & DBT and plant medicines.

Participants who are interested in or work with trauma will have the opportunity to collaborate about trauma and psychedelics during small group discussions facilitated by Pete.

At the end of the conference, Pete will lead an integrative guided meditation to ground the experiences and education from the day.

Beyond offering hope for trauma survivors, Pete's professional goals include building integrative network bridges, improving the sustainability of care, creating equal access, and promoting continued research for the ultimate goal of globally accessible trauma care.

Pete is often seen with his therapy dog, Harvard, and his 5 sons which he lovingly refers to as his sustainable and adaptive basketball team.

If you are a veteran or work primarily with veterans, use discount code: VA2024 for $10 off your conference registration.

Image by Courtney Smith
Harvard Therapy Dog.jpg
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