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2024 Conference Merch

Good Karma Apparel Co.
by Liva Siufanua

Image by Gabriel Tovar
Utah Psychedelic Conference TShirt.png
Utah Psychedelic Conference Hoodie.png

We could not be more happy with the designs for this year's Psychedelic Conference apparel!

Created by Liva Siufanua, local artist and co-founder of Good Karma Apparel, these designs are only available for a limited time!

Not only do we love the style, but we love what Good Karma Apparel stands for: Humane, no sweat-shop, sustainably made apparel that is comfortable and stylish for all body types!

10% of proceeds will be donated to the Psychedelic Society of Utah to aid our mission in advancing safe, effective, legal, and accessible psychedelic care in Utah.

Pre-order before March 3rd for an exclusive 15% discount!

A Message from Liva

Hi I'm Liva Siufanua, one of the founders of Good Karma Apparel Co. We're a fresh clothing line that is dedicated to creating a  brand that promotes the good in the world and provides quality casual apparel for average to plus sizes. Because when a person feels good in their clothes,  they're empowered to do more good. 

We're collaborating with the Psychedelic Society of Utah because we believe in their message of safe and accessible psychedelic therapy protocols. This is the kind of good we want to see more of in the world.

Image by Caitlyn Noble
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