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Dr. Joel Hanson MD

Discussion Facilitator

The Future of Psychedelics in Addiction Treatment

Image by Yannick Menard

Do psychedelics cause addiction? 

How could it make any sense to treat addiction with psychedelics?

Dr. Joel Hanson MD, a highly specialized addiction psychiatrist based in Utah with decades of experience innovating addiction treatment will be facilitating a discussion on the intersection of psychedelics and addiction at Utah's Annual Psychedelic Conference.

Dr. Hanson is one of the highest qualified practitioners in his niche, combining highly specialized education and over two decades of experience in cutting edge care.

Having experienced the life changing impact of treatment himself, Dr. Hanson is passionate about inspiring future mental health professionals, nurturing their interest and expertise in psychiatry.

Not only does Dr. Hanson utilize intricate combinations of psychiatric and medically assisted treatment for patients, he advocates for the importance of holistic and systemic wellness factors. 

For this reason, Dr. Hanson not only works in coordination with professional like mental health therapists, but he engages in political activation for human rights including LGBTQIA+, women's rights, cultural acceptance, conservation, and environmental progress.

Image by John Fowler
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