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Desiree Hennessy

Discussion Facilitator
Utah's Legal Landscape
& Political Advocacy

Image by John Bewlay
Desiree Hennessy Utah Psychedelic Conference Utah Psychedelic Society

You may not know her by name, but if you have a medical cannabis card in Utah, you know her work!

Desiree Hennessy and her team at the Utah Patient Coalition have worked tirelessly for years securing Utahn's legal access to plant medicines.

In 2023 her efforts brought SB0200 in front of legislation. She is currently on the front lines, lobbying for medical access for psychedelics in 2024.

There is no better resource for understanding Utah's current legal landscape and what you can do to help move the needle.

Years before cannabis was introduced as a bill in Utah, Desiree, inspired by her son, was advocating for medical cannabis use and out collecting signatures.

Through years of developing relationships with our Utah representatives and lobbying groups, she has learned the do's and don'ts of advocating for expanded patient rights. 

We are excited to have Desiree as a discussion facilitator at the conference on March 6.

Image by Ben Stiefel
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