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Utah 2024 Annual
Psychedelic Conference Schedule 

We are excited to see you at the conference on March 6! As you read through the schedule, you will notice that this is an interactive event with plenty of participation. You are invited to participate in experiences and activities as much or as little as you would like to.

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8:30 AM

Psychedelic band Roses on the Moon will create ambiance as you sign in to the conference, grab a drink and some biscotti, and find your seat. 

Early arrivers may find interest in exploring other realms through Renee Sarasvati's transportive art or in perusing vendor tables for a book, t-shirt, herbal remedies, and more. 

9:00 AM

Experience | Welcome Song

Contemporary Shamanic Musicians Christopher & Tricia

9:15 AM

Speaker | Creating The Future of Psychedelics in Utah Together

Andrea Hanson LCMHC

9:30 AM

Speaker | Creating Internal Safety & Embracing Whimsy

Traci Mortrud RN

9:45 AM

Speaker | Trauma Foundations

Pete Conder LCMHC

10:15 AM

Speaker | Informed Consent in Psychedelic Spaces

Autumn Kunz IAYT

10:45 AM

Speaker | Navigating Converging Paradigms

Jordan Pope PhD Candidate

11:15 AM

Experience | Breathe

Keyan North

11:30 AM

Speaker | Integration & Reintegration

Morgan Gonzales LCSW 

*Register in advance for 1 CE credit - the hour is split between 30 minute presentation

and 25-minute discussion group*

12:00 PM


Eat a delicious lunch catered by Arempas while getting to know the community, picking up supplies from vendors, or kicking back and listening to Roses on the Moon.

1:00 PM

Collaborative Discussions

Chairs will be circled up for small group discussions! Find a topic that interests you and join the conversation. 

Discussions will last 20 minutes, at which point, you can join a new discussion group!


Sex Therapy & Psychedelics | Utah's Legal Landscape & Political Advocacy | Informed Consent: The Various Roles of Different Plant Medicines | The Intersection of Caregiver & Community Needs | The Art & Science of Trip Sitting | Building Internal Safety | Trauma-Informed Care | Integration | The Future of Psychedelics in Addiction Treatment | The Business Side of Implementing KAP in your Practice | Optimizing Ketamine Results for Anxiety & Depression | Where Intuition & Science Collide | Achieving Consciousness in Your Inner World 

*Preregister for the Integration group if you are an LCSW/LMFT and want a pre-approved CE credit*

3:00 PM

Experience | Sound Bath

Rochelle Greetham

3:15 PM

Experience | Closing Guided Meditation

Pete Conder LCMHC

3:30 PM

Experience | Networking

Take this time to get to know each other better, and continue conversations you started earlier! 

4:00 PM

It's time to move on... it's time to get goin'... what lies ahead, I have no way of knowin'

Thank you for coming!

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