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Autumn Kunz

Speaker & Discussion Facilitator
Informed Consent in Psychedelic Spaces

Image by Andrey Grinkevich

Have you ever gone to a professional to get help and felt you needed to just trust whatever they told you to do without being encouraged or even allowed to explore all of the options available to you?

In her presentation at Utah's Psychedelic Conference, Autumn will be shining light on how this common practice is counter to healing mechanisms and share her wisdom about the transformative power of informed consent.

As a student and teacher in the realms of spirituality, sociology, psychology, yoga, pranayama, ayurveda, meditation, Reiki, earth-based medicine, the medicine wheel, sacred songs, sound healing, mediumship, gene keys, human design, dreamwork, and more, Autumn brings a uniquely diverse understanding of empowering and catalyzing transformations.  

Autumn grew up in a non-religious, psychedelic-friendly family and has traveled extensively with indigenous tribes both nationally and internationally which opened her path early on toward her future of grassroots activism and helping people find deep truths through a variety of modalities and settings.

Her ultimate goals are to assist those who feel called to work with her in connecting with both their inner and outer world in a meaningful way that fosters deep inner trust and self-embrace and to advocate for cooperative adoption of non-appropriative healing arts.

We are thrilled to have Autumn joining us as a speaker and discussion facilitator on March 6.

Image by Nils Rasmusson
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