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Traci Mortrud RN

Speaker & Discussion Facilitator

Creating Internal Safety to Achieve Whimsy & Play

Image by Yuvaksh Thukral

Curiosity and play come so naturally to children. Where does it go when we become adults?

In the wise words sang by Ben Platt

"When you are younger, you'll wish you're older
Then when you're older, you'll wish for time to turn around.
Don't let your wonder turn into closure
When you get older, when you get older".

As a nurse, poet, and someone who lives life to the fullest despite every reason not to, Traci shares a beautifully potent message about our relationships with ourselves, our environment, each other, and how these all come together to create the tapestry of how we allow ourselves to move through this life.

Amongst her many other hobbies, Traci makes a habit of reading dense psychedelic-related research and is passionate about disseminating what she learns to create a positive impact in psychedelic healing spaces.

She is currently working on her degree to become an APRN while simultaneously completing a certification for psychedelic facilitation through Vital.

We are proud to have Traci as a living example of the full embodiment of intelligence, drive, ethics, joy, play, authenticity, and whimsy as a part of our conference presentation team.

Image by Carmel Rossen
Traci Mortrud Utah Psychedelic Conference.png
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