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Roses on the Moon

Alt Rock Psychedelic Musicians

Image by Ken Cheung

Roses On The Moon is a captivating and innovative musical duo known for their unique blend of ethereal melodies, emotive lyrics, and electronic soundscapes. Comprising of vocalist and songwriter, Bobby B Mac, and vocalist and songwriter, Vehnu Moon, Roses On The Moon has carved a distinct niche in the music industry with their mesmerizing sonic creations.


Bobby B Mac and Vehnu Moon were born out of Rose Park, Utah. Samoan blood brothers who share the same passion for music.


Looking to be pioneers and innovators within the polynesian community by bringing indie pop to the scene.  


The journey of Roses On The Moon began when both brothers had lost their daughters.

Their collaboration resulted in a sound that seamlessly weaves together elements of indie pop, electronic music, dream pop, and ambient soundscapes.


Roses On The Moon's debut album, "Roses On The Moon" released to critical acclaim, introduced listeners to their signature sound.


Tracks like "Feelin You" and "Excuses" captured the duo's ability to transport audiences to otherworldly landscapes through their music.


The album's success led to recognition and a dedicated fan base drawn to the duo's ability to evoke emotion and introspection through their art.

We are honored to have Roses on the Moon accompanying us at the Annual Utah Psychedelic Conference.

Image by Tom Gainor
Utah Psychedelic Conference 2024 Roses on the Moon
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