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Morgan Gonzales LCSW

Speaker & Discussion Facilitator
Integration & Reintegration

Image by Dave Herring
Morgan Gonzales CE Credit Psychedelic Conference Utah

Yes! You can get CE credit for attending the conference!

As one of Utah's first ketamine-assisted psychotherapy providers, Morgan has years of training and experience that back her holistic approach.

She has blended the skills she has mastered as an extensively trained therapist, the wisdom she has gained from sitting through hundreds of hours of ketamine sessions, with the knowledge she has acquired through extensive psychedelic-specific education from a 14-month fellowship and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Science (MAPS).

Morgan distills what she has learned into potent CE approved trainings for licensed and non-licensed providers. sitters, and space holders.

At the March 6 annual conference, Morgan will be offering one of her CE credits, Integration & Reintegration to preregistered attendees.

 Morgan inhabits the love and strong belief in healing within the community. As we heal individually, we can heal the collective.

We are excited to have her as a presenter and discussion facilitator at Utah's Annual Psychedelic Conference.

Image by Sanath Kumar
Utah Psychedelic Conference CE Credit
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