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Jordan Pope

Navigating Converging Paradigms

Pink Clouds
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How can human consciousness transition out of the animal paradigm of colonialism, conquering, and war into a paradigm of enlightenment, love, oneness, and connection?

How do we reconcile the reality we live in with the one we know is possible to create through the power of psychedelic healing?


Jordan, Ph.D candidate for Clinical and Depth Psychology will be sharing his philosophy about questions and more at Utah's 2024 Psychedelic Conference on March 6.

Jordan has a creative background and has spent years developing as a music artist. His musical journey has been enriched by an interest in soul-expression and how we give voice to our deepest needs and sense of self.


Jordan has a long history of personal and professional engagement with religious trauma, spiritual development, and mental health recovery.


He embodies curiosity and compassion in his life and his therapeutic work.

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